I come from two immigrants who’s first language is not English. Growing up I had to switch from Spanish to English and ended up skipping English lessons, since I had learned them in Spanish but they didn’t translated they way they wanted. After a while I had initially dropped out in 9th grade due to family reasons. I did get to go back but in all ended up dropping out half way in to 11th grade to help support my family.

I eventually became a single mom and my goal to finish my GED became farther and farther away, after constantly working I met my now husband. We recently had a little baby girl and after her birth it added more bills like all babies do. I decided to get a good job something that seemed impossible without an education. Then just as I was thinking about it work force sent an email saying they where helping people get their GED for free.


Milka LangankeI immediately got in contact with them but as it was late all I got was the answering machine, but I was so excited it didn’t even bother me. I was thinking that it was going to be one of the hardest things I did. But they explained it all and how easy it was and even helped me get in contact with Mrs. Yvette who was supper nice and helped me when I didn’t understand some math. She definitely believed in me when I didn’t. Specially when it came to math and doing English a language whos basic I never learned.

And thanks to her nothing stopped me, not having a new born baby or being in locked down due to COVID or having to constantly help my daughter and younger sister while they where doing remote learning. And thanks to them for always working with my schedule and being flexible I got to finish my GED in no time. The struggle was real.

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