Test Track Information

In the 1960’s, DSI continued its important work with the military, and issued the Aircraft Crash Survival Design Guide for Army aircraft engineers. The dedicated DSI employees also developed crash-worthy helicopter fuel systems during the Vietnam War, which nearly eliminated servicemen deaths when an Army helicopter crashed and caused common post-crash fires.

DSI transferred its extensive knowledge of aircraft crashes to automobiles in 1968, and began testing and compiling data about the safety of vehicles involved in a crash. The company and its employees had earned a stellar reputation, and DSI was commissioned as the official test facility for all experimental safety vehicle research by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in 1971.

During the early 1970’s, in what might be DSI’s most important contribution to civilian traffic safety, the company focused its testing on passive restraint systems for automobiles, and began its first air bag crash test. Today, thanks to DSI’s efforts, all vehicles are equipped with seat belts and air bags.

DSI Test Track