Doug Rockow, President of Exodyne and the chief financial officer ensures that Exodyne and its affiliate uses best business practices and comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Exodyne, Inc., uses centralized corporate support and a hands-on management style to oversee the home office operations and the functions of its subsidiary, Exodyne Properties, Inc.

Employees at Exodyne’s corporate office in Phoenix, Arizona, provide company-wide support. Exodyne’s subsidiary office provides additional assistance.

National Team

Exodyne has several satellite offices around the country that support the company and various contracts.

Key Corporate Staff

Exodyne President

Doug Rockow

Doug manages Exodyne, its subsidiaries, and the EPI properties.


Anna Gomez

As Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Ann is responsible for managing the company’s finances and overseeing its accounting department. Ann, who has worked in the field for 25 years, holds specialties that include accounting, financial analysis and reporting, and management.