Motor Vehicle & Equipment Maintenance & Repair Support

DSI has provided motor vehicle and heavy equipment maintenance support services to a wide variety of customers within the U.S. Department of Defense for over 20 years. Our preventive, (un)scheduled maintenance activities have allowed government and military missions to continue uninterrupted. Our historically high in-commission rates have been unmatched and are the key measure of our success. We have kept vehicle deadline rates to an absolute minimum to ensure government assets remain in the hands of the user. DSI has also brought a unique ability to repair military special purpose tactical and non-tactical vehicles and equipment.

DSI has managed motor pool inventory and maintenance activities using scheduling software and tracking tools so military missions continue unimpeded. Our delivery of contract data reports has ensured that customers received vital data for long-term asset management decisions. DSI’s extensive knowledge of military parts and supply acquisition, along with solid procurement strategies, has led to the greatest commercial practices and rapid delivery times.

DSI personnel has specialized in the maintenance and service of various government vehicles and equipment.

Tactical and Military Vehicles

HMMWV, FMTV, and Cargo Trucks

Heavy Construction Equipment

Excavators, Loaders, Bulldozers, and Backhoes

Material Handling Equipment:

Forklifts, Industrial Cranes, and Mobile Cranes

Mobile Equipment:

Lawn Tractors, Trimmers, Snowplows, Chain Saws, Light Sets, and HVAC

Support Equipment:

Portable and Stationary Emergency Generators

Fire Trucks, Ambulances, and Other Emergency Vehicles and Equipment:

Fire Truck Ladder and Pump Systems

Special-Design and Special-Purpose Equipment or Vehicles