Scientific, Engineering & Analysis Support Services

DSI provides basic and applied research and analyses related to weapons, munitions, materials, manufacturing processes for the U.S. Department of Defense personnel and materiel.

We advance predictive capabilities within survivability/lethality analysis and weapon performance simulations. This is to ensure national technological innovation remains at an all-time high across the full military-environmental spectrum.

We also identify fielded system issues and enhance the exploratory development of weapons and systems to support the U.S. Department of Defense program initiatives.

DSI’s scientists and engineers conduct basic and applied research, advanced development, experiments and test plans, and computed simulations for critical Department of Defense projects. DSI work in the U.S. Army programs is conducted within Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation (RDT&E) Operations. We specialize in all major disciplines of engineering, particularly mechanical, electrical, chemical, and civil.

DSI’s scientific, engineering, and analysis support capabilities extend to:

Survivability/Lethality Analysis of Mobile Platforms
Robotics Programs
Electromagnetic Gun Programs
Materials Application
Multifunctional Materials
Ordnance Materials
Survivability Materials
Ballistic and Weapons Concepts
Propulsion Science
Aerodynamics Concepts
Weapon Technology Analysis
Advanced Munitions Concepts
Terminal Effects
Armor Mechanics
Lethal Mechanisms
Impact Physics
Explosives Technology