DESI is an Effective Outreach and
Recruitment Service Provider
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What Makes DESI Different

35+ years of WIA/WIOA Services Experience
Debt-Free Company
Supportive Organizational Structure
Responsive Subject Matter Experts
Internally-Promoted Operations Team
Immovable Integrity
Innovative Approaches Specialist

Core Competencies

Effective Outreach and Recruitment Services
Impressive Work Readiness Programs
Placement Services
Effective Outreach and Recruitment Services
Expert Education and Skills Assessments and Analysis
Tailored Education and Training Services
Comprehensive Career Pathway Development Programs
Exceptional Case Management
Quality Assurance

Celebrating 35 Years of Success & Service

Dynamic Educational Systems, Inc., (DESI) is dedicated to helping qualified youth and adults receive the education, training, and job placement assistance they need to support:

Their Families
Their Communities

From executive management to maintenance staff—each member of the DESI team places customer needs first.

DESI provides opportunities for professional success by working with the U.S. Department of Labor Job Corps Program, as well as with local agencies operating under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).

The photo on the right is the DESI 2020 graduation class in Alabama.

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