DESI is awarded Idaho, Oregon, and Washington Outreach, Admissions, and Career Transition Services contract.

DESI wins the contract for Heartland Workforce Solutions in Omaha, Nebraska.


DESI participates in Safe+Sound Week, joining two thousand other businesses in this OSHA-led nationwide campaign. Safe+Sound Week aims to raise awareness of the value of workplace safety and health programs.


DESI is awarded the first DOL Contingency Operator contract for the operation of Finch-Henry Job Corps Center.

DESI asks about Positive Impact

Kim Short (Career Coach, Chicago Workforce Center-Washington Heights)

Seeing My Customers’ Desire to Succeed

“I’ve had . . . customers that are going through things such as lights and gas that are in the process of being shut-off, children with health problems, and domestic violence.  These customers never wavered from the training.  During the day, they put their all into their studies, and during the night, they turned into Super Mom/Dad. . . . Witnessing some of the things that these customers have endured makes you realize that anything is possible! ”

Brandie Batt (Admissions Counselor, Washington OA/CTS-Spokane)

Visiting Old Students on Center

“Specifically, we visited the Columbia Basin Job Corps Center back in August 2017.  I got to speak with a student I had worked with, and she was so excited to share what she had accomplished so far.  She recently emailed me to say she will be graduating and invited me to attend, which I will be doing today!”


DESI wins Chicago Workforce - Northside Workforce Center contract


JobFest—Cheryl Keating and Paige Bostwick received their awesome blue “JobFest” t-shirts, as well as a “Thank You” award from Workforce Central for their participation in JobFest – Washington State’s largest job fair for young adults!

DESI is re-awarded the operation of the Montgomery Job Corps Center.


DESI wins the operation of Carville Job Corps Center with Outreach, Admissions, and Career Transition Services.

Chicago Workforce Affiliate (Michigan Ave) contract win with the Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership.

Chicago Workforce (Sheridan) contract win with the Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership.

Mobile contract win with MobileWorks, Inc.

Jefferson County (Birmingham, AL) contract win with the Jefferson County Commission.