DESI Success Stories

At DESI our goal is to perform practical, tailored, and responsive services so our customers can have the education, training, and job placement assistance they need to support themselves, their families, and their communities.

We’ve had a number of people find success with our services!

As a debt-free, privately-owned corporation: Exodyne is dedicated to serving the needs of its customers.

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Kavion Everet / Omaha, NE

Kavion Everett, a Heartland Workforce Solutions/DESI WIOA Youth Participant, has always enjoyed writing. Whether it’s creative writing, or an essay on historical events, it has long been a passion ...

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Rykasia / Mobile, AL

Rykasia had been working two jobs to support her two young children. Unfortunately, without an HSD, she couldn’t find any high-paying job opportunities. She finally came to DESI CTC, where she ...

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Tyona / Mobile, AL

Tyona describes her life before DESI as “path of destruction” – skipping classes, fighting, and being kicked out of her home. At DESI CTC, she finally found mentors who motivated ...

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Miriam Macias / Houston, TX

Workforce Solutions has literally changed my life. I walked into one of their offices looking for work, knowing nothing about what they could do for me. I was only hoping they could lead me into the ...

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Milka Langanke / Houston, TX

I come from two immigrants who’s first language is not English. Growing up I had to switch from Spanish to English and ended up skipping English lessons, since I had learned them in Spanish but ...

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