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Experimental Facilities Support Services

DSI supports the Department of Defense by conducting field and range experiments, and range operations and maintenance in support of military personnel and materiel. DSI obtains a wide variety of technical data on new concepts and improvements to existing military systems.

Through collection of technical data in support of efforts to solve identified problems with fielded systems, DSI conducts both traditional standard tests and state-of-the-art nonstandard experiments, as well as develops new techniques for measuring critical data. Techniques vary in scale from laboratory microscopy at the molecular dimensions to field experiments on full-up systems.

DSI's long and sustained history of facilities support services and range operations has led to experiments in support of basic research, applied research, and analyses as related to weapons, munitions, materials, manufacturing processes, and survivability/lethality of military personnel and materiel. We study and evaluate the military equipment and weapons systems of today and tomorrow.

  • Energetic Materials Facilities Support
  • Range Facilities Support
  • Gun Firing of Inert and Energetic Projectiles
  • Static Detonation of Explosives
  • Mine Blast Studies
  • Fire Suppression Research
  • Fragmentation Research
  • Electronic Circuitry and Instrumentation Support
  • Laboratory Flight Simulation Equipment Support
  • Armor Target Support
  • Advanced Munitions Testing
  • Survivability/Lethality Experimental Facility Support
  • Robotics Research
  • Vehicle Performance Support
  • Full-Scale Penetrator Testing
  • Terminal Effects Research
  • Materials Research
  • Electromagnetic Gun and Electromagnetic Armor Support