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train crash


Crash Investigations, Research
& Analysis Services

DSI's Crash Investigations, Research & Analysis Services department specializes in transportation and highway safety research. The Research, Science & Technology Division's expert teams conduct innovative, multidisciplinary studies in specific geographic regions, as well as broad-based studies nationwide.

DSI is currently participating in the Federal Highway Administration-sponsored Motorcycle Crash Causation Study investigating the causes of motorcycle crashes and possible countermeasures. Click here to read more about the study.

DSI investigators work closely with local and state police agencies, district attorney offices, trauma center and hospital physicians, salvage yard operators, epidemiologists, scientists, and corporate officers. Our research and analysis is thorough, confidential, and provides an independent, unbiased source of detailed information to the project sponsor.

  • Complete vehicle inspection service utilizing SAE-approved guidelines
  • Crash reconstruction and modeling
  • Component analysis and root cause failure identification
  • Materials analysis (stress factors, thermal fatigue and corrosion damage)
  • Occupant kinematics and injury causal mechanisms
  • Air bag deployment documentation
  • EDR downloads and interpretation
  • Manual and passive restraint documentation
  • Heavy truck and bus crash reconstruction and documentation
  • Rail and mass transit crash investigations
  • In-depth motorcycle crash investigations and research
  • Pedestrian and pedal cyclist crash investigations
  • First responder crash investigations
  • Certified child safety seat inspectors and specialists
  • Form and editing manual development
  • Database and software scripting, including upgrade maintenance
  • Training and classroom presentation development
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