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Air Traffic Control Training

DSI is an industry leader in training the next generation of air traffic controllers to ensure safety and stability in our nation's skies. With a commitment to professionalism and precision, we have provided ATC instruction, dynamic simulation lab training, computer-based instruction and administrative support to some of the Federal Aviation Administration's most complex, high-volume Air Route Traffic Control Centers in the country—New York, Boston, Washington, DC, Minneapolis, Cleveland, and Indianapolis.

DSI's high-quality training programs have provided ATCs with initial, qualification, proficiency, and specialized training at various tower locations. We consistently achieve our goal of producing high-quality air traffic controllers by applying instructional systems development principles and ATC records maintenance practices.

Our flexibility results in continual process improvements and updated curricula to meet an ever-changing flying environment. Our instructors focus on improving the company's training program in real time to increase efficiency and enhance the overall quality of student production. We have also prepared the controller workforces as they transitioned to the FAA's Next Generation En-Route Automation Modernization (ERAM) system.

DSI has employed a diverse and dedicated cadre of instructors and remote pilot operators who were carefully vetted for their FAA, military and/or flying experience, as well as their instructional and people skills.

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