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Air Traffic Control & Ramp Control Services

DSI actively seeks opportunities to engage with the flying public, promote employee satisfaction, and increase awareness about the latest innovations in the industry. Our expert site managers attend airfield meetings, coordinate with local flying organizations, and meet with airport authorities on a regular basis. As FAA and DoD rules are updated, DSI immediately implements training to ensure we provide the most accurate ATC and Ramp Control services and information.

DSI air traffic controllers supply the following services:

  • Adherence to FAA and DoD guidelines
  • Separating and sequencing of aircraft in terminal area
  • Inter- and intra-facility communications and coordination
  • Limited Aviation Weather Reporting Station (LAWRS)
  • Supplemental Aviation Weather Reporting Station (SAWRS)
  • Crash/Rescue notification and coordination
  • Flight following and traffic advisories
  • Automatic Terminal Information Services (ATIS)
  • Flight Data Input/Output (FDIO)
  • Controller-In-Charge (CIC) qualifications for all controllers
  • National Weather Service certified

DSI ramp controllers supply the following services:

  • Concise directions to aircrews for assigned gate approach, gate assignment, aircraft pushback, exit circle, and preparation for release to the Airfield Operations Area movement taxi lane
  • Establish and conduct direct communication with airline, aircraft, ramp ground crew, and the FAA
  • Prepare and process all required documentation, including gate assignment logs, common use gate assignment, incident reports, and performance- and service-level monitoring and reporting
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