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Multiple Air Traffic Control Positions

Title: Multiple Air Traffic Control Positions
Location: Biggs Army Airfield, Fort Bliss, TX
Date Posted: December 10, 2013
Status: Full-Time
(contingent upon contract award)

Job Description

Dynamic Science, Inc., is accepting resumes for several positions: ATC Facility Chief, Training Supervisor, Shift Leader, Controller.

Primary Duty: Performs air traffic control functions as a full-performance controller in each position or combination of positions. Functions or works as a sole tower operator with all Air Traffic Control performance requirements, independently or under the supervision of a Chief or Assistant Chief Controller. Performs all basic weather watch functions during assigned shifts. Provides general supervisor over all controllers assigned to a facility.

Working Procedures:

  • Performs a tour of duty on all scheduled shifts.
  • Develops duty schedules for sufficiently qualified personnel to meet FM 1-303.
  • Operates all tower positions (Controller-in-Charge, Local Control Position, Ground Control Position, Flight Data Position) IAW FAA and US Army regulations.
  • Trains Assistant controllers and Trainees in all tower positions of operations.
  • Record and transmit surface weather observations locally and longline in accordance with existing air weather service policies.
  • Operates meteorological and communication equipment.
  • Obtain and transmit locally all pilot reports.
  • Disseminate weather warnings and watch advisories as required.
  • Advises maintenance technicians of all equipment problems.
  • Assists in the unit's operational effectiveness program.
  • Protects and upkeeps government furnished and Company furnished equipment and property.
  • Maintains a facility directives index and copies of all applicable air traffic publications.
  • Develops and implements a facility training program and maintains controller training records IAW FM 1-303.
  • Maintains facility operations to meet Aviation Resource Management Survey guide inspection criteria.
  • Provides monthly status reports to higher headquarters.
  • Coordinates maintenance and modernization requests to higher headquarters IAW AR 95-2.
  • Assists in the deployment and integration of air traffic support personnel.
  • Develops and implements a quality assurance program.
  • Exercise general staff supervision, including installation/sustaining base operations.
  • Develops and implements policy guidance to manage facility operations.
  • Performs other related ATC duties as assigned by the Assistant Chief or the Controller in Charge (CIC) of the particular shift.



  • Must have attended military or FAA Air Traffic Control school or equivalent training.


  • ATC Facility Chief: Minimum of 10 years Army Fixed-based ATC operational experience controlling at Army locations
  • Training Supervisor: Minimum of 6 years Army Fixed-based ATC operational experience controlling at Army locations
  • Shift Leaders: Minimum of 3 years Army Fixed-based ATC operational experience controlling at Army locations


  • Must have and be able to hold a Class 2 FAA medical qualification. Must have or be able to attain a Secret security clearance
  • Must have a background in weather observer functions
  • Must pass applicable NWS LAWRS/SAWRS certification examination
  • Must have normal color Perception and hear well
  • Vision must be 20/20 or corrected to 20/20
  • Must be medically approved to climb daily the tower stairs/ladders
  • Must be able to pass pre-employment drug testing and basic background screening

To Apply

Please e-mail or fax your résumé and date of availability to:

Christopher Toale (click to e-mail)
Fax: 602-995-4091

No phone calls, please.